Top 5 reasons to practice Archery

Top Five Reasons to Practice Archery

Sport for all: Small or large, women or men, archery is a sport practicable from 8 years old, adapted to all morphologies, and practically all handicaps.

Health Enhancing Sport: For Health Archery contributes to improved coordination of movement and balance, improved spatial landmarks, harmonious muscle exercise, improved cardio system vascular and exercise rehabilitation. It has an anti-stress effect and allows it to channel its energy and improve its concentration.

Sport that promotes social adjustment: Friendly, encouraging exchanges between generations, archery encourages self-control and respect for rules and people.

Indoor and outdoor sports: The course disciplines combine the virtues of walking, or even running, with the technicality of shooting in various situations. It encourages integration into the environment and its respect.

Educational sport: Archery allows you to learn to count, to manage your stress, to analyze your action, to plan your season. It’s a creative segment of social life.