Archery Safety Rules

We stop shooting if there’s a flag arrow.

You don’t take your bow back as long as there’s people on target or on the way back.

You don’t put an arrow on the bow if there are people between the firing point and the targets.

We wait for the signal to start the shot or go get his arrows.

We’ll walk for his arrows.

All archers are on the same line of fire.

One never notches (where one never arms his bow, even without arrow) other than on the firing point and in the direction of the targets.

You can’t release the rope without a notched arrow.

One waits for the end of the volley to pick up an arrow fallen out of range in front of the firing point.

There is no personal business between the firing point and the targets.

We keep our distance from an archer in the firing phase so as not to risk disturbing his gesture.

Be careful that there is no one behind you when you remove your arrows from the target.

We always come to the side of the target to remove the arrows.

You don’t arm your bow in the air.

We don’t cross fire.

Outdoors, ensure that there is no one behind the targets searching for arrows before starting the shot.